Sole Therapy

When Original Himalayan Crystal Salt is dissolved in water, the solution created is called Sole. The synergistic combination of pure water and Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones has a higher energetic vibration than either the water or salt alone as they combine to form ionic charged elements. Ionic form means these minerals have either a positive or negative ion charge. Unlike salts that only contain sodium and chloride, the additional minerals in Original Himalayan Crystal Salt allow the water to fundamentally change geometric structure. It appears that more complex geometric structures allow for improved absorption of minerals into the cell.

The health benefits of drinking Sole include:

Electrolytes which improve the body’s conductivity and stimulate circulation*
Improve hydration into the cell*
Balance the acid-alkaline imbalance*
Normalize blood pressure*
Dissolve and release crystallized deposits*
Support detoxification and cleanse the intestines*
Support metabolism*

How to make Sole

Fill a wide-mouth glass jar half way up with Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones.
Add water to the jar with the Stones in it.
Let it sit for 24 hours allowing for the water to become fully saturated with Original Himalayan Crystal Salt.
The water in your jar has now transformed into Sole.
Recommended Daily Use: Put one (1) teaspoon of Sole into a 8oz glass of water and drink it in the morning before eating.
Keep the jar covered to avoid evaporation and dust. Don’t use metallic lids.
No special storage needed. Keep on kitchen counter for convenience and as a perpetual reminder!
Original Himalayan Crystal Stones should always be visible in jar. Add new Stones before they have fully dissolved. Add new water as needed, let sit for 24 hours each time to ensure complete saturation before next use.